• Adjustable inflating pressure; automatically inflating or deflating; acousto-optic prompt after inflation; safe and accurate; easy to use. 
  • Special mode for inflating tires of 0 pressure. 
  • Inflated tires management function. 
  • Fast and little noise inflation and deflation by using special sound reduced mass flow valve.
  • Fast inflate various vehicles by selecting car or truck mode.  
  • Multi-users management system can save all set information to keep users from repetition, fast and convenient. 
  • Controlled by special chip, which is reliable, multifunctional and accurate.
  • Clear and easy to read. 
  • High light LED (HWP-608)/LCD backlight. 



  • Temperature range: -4~158 ℉ (-20-70℃)
  • Power source: AC110V/220V 50/60HZ
  • Power: 10W
  • Max. Inlet pressure: 1.200MPa
  • Inflating pressure range: Car<0.5 MPa Truck<1.0 MPa
  • Precision: <0.005 MPa
  • Pressure unit: PSI/bar/Kpa/kg/cm2

Aston® Automatic Tire Inflator ATI-T608H