Aston® 3D Wheel Aligner AWA-V5

Product Introduction:

  • High performance cloud service, 0 delay response. 
  • Can skip runout compensation. 
  • Optional double display function.



  • High performance cloud service,0 delay response. 
  • High special industrial camera. 
  • High speed CPU.
  • Usable for long wheelbase vehicle adjustment. 
  • Specific environmental adaptivity and fill-in light flash function of cameras. 
  • Camera has built-in compensation parameters to realize camera exchange. 
  • Windows operation system. 
  • All chassis data measurement including wheelbase, wheel track, axle offset etc. 
  • Database covering more than 20,000 car models worldwide, intelligent update at any time. 
  • Multiple compensation ways or no compensation available. 
  • Field installation, no need to calibrate. 
  • Self-diagnosis and correction function. 
  • Optional double display function. 


Standard configurations:

4 big targets, 4 clamps, 2 turn plate blocks, 2 rubber wedges, 2 turn plates, a set of steering fixer, a set of brake fixer, a set of PC and monitor, a set of printer. 

Aston® 3D Wheel Aligner AWA-V5